Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back In Budapest - And Hwang's PLO Book

My 3rd favourite game is ruined... yes after poker and a 'free form' driving-game called 'Sheep!' I have always delighted in telling anyone who will listen that my airport luggage will be first out onto the conveyer belt - no question about it, not a shred of doubt in my mind... I'll be number #1.

Of course it never actually happened, causing wry smiles and complaints of the luggage game being rigged by yours truly with reminders of how I once got a 3rd place - which must count for something, right??

Until Today.

Today we touched down in Budapest after a 10 day visit to my home country (the UK) and as usual I started to assure Erika that we'd soon be on our way as our cases were bound to come out first... and you know what? They bloody well did, mine first too.

Well, apart from making a mental note to get out more that'll be the end of that game then. New 3rd favourite game required for Mark please....

Anyway, back to poker. I finished my first read of Jeff Hwang's PLO book - the 'speed read'. Got to say that the recommendation from a while back was a very good one, this is one excellent poker book... my first comment is that it really does show that Hwang is a writer (financial journalist I believe) by trade. Good quality writing alone is not enough in the poker sphere. When it is combined with logical, thought provoking and usable strategy content you have a real winning combo.

From my first impression it is the structure of the book which impresses. For example instead of the usual 'choose starting hands which work together' we get a reductionist pattern... so:

- What hands win PLO Pots?
(answer = very strong hands, usually the nuts)
- So, what are the qualities of starting hands which can go on to produce nut hands?
(answer = various, to be broken into straight, flush and full house potential)
- Within each category which are premium, speculative and trash... and so on

Will save my specific comments and some analysis of whether his strategies work in loose / passive lower level online games for after I read again a little slower. Already started 'Kill Everyone' for a speed-read and (not sure if it was really an appropriate title to read on the plane, but hey!) and have the mathematics of poker and 'how good is your PLO' to come.

Time to get back in the routine of updating PG and Melted Felt too...

GL at the tables, Mark

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