Monday, September 29, 2008

Tournament Success And A Vision Of Poker Hell

Some long overdue success to report from a few games at the virtual tables this weekend.

Beforehand an accolade! Well almost - an 'honourable mention' in Bill Rinni's list of the best 10 poker blogs for , my satire blog. Bill has been online since the rest of us were in blogging short trousers (erm, or something) and has earned the respect his writing receives... so, great to get a mention!

Successes! Started 6 tournaments on Saturday evening across various sites... in reverse order here are my 4 cashes.

Tilt Pot-Limit $10+$1 HA (half PL holdem half PLO)- 11th for my buy-in back and bus-fare home

Stars $10+$1 PLO - 45th (ish?) for double my buy-in... rivered twice in this by the same idiot after getting in on the turn as an 80-odd% fave...(thats where the money comes from in poker (repeat))... hmmm

Stars Nightly 80k Gtd $50+5 - 16th for $450 (always disappointing to miss a final table in a large field tournament buy hey, did my best with 2 separate comebacks after running KK into A9 (grrrr) and then kk into aa (baaahhhh) at critical times in the last 50-ish ... oh I satellited in for $7 too!

Party Poker Speed $10+$1 - 1st for $961, bit of a push-fest late... which played to my SNG experience somewhat. Helped by opponents who did not understand pot-odds / any-2 situations... but great, first semi-decent cash in ages.

So, after 1 week the Thailand fun has increased... going to put aside half of this money and use the rest towards investing in the business. With the $100 bonus cleared at Party this makes the Thailand fund after week 1= $750 (might make a side menu entry for this later - the goal is $5k by the end of Jan for Erika and I to have a few weeks in my favourite country!)

Anyway, don't want to turn a cheerful post negative - so take this as 'tongue in cheek' but really, poker hell last night... I was close to the $100 from Party but not close enough... requiring 220 more 'base points' to release and having one day to do it.... thats about 4 hours of 8-tabling.

OMG! It was hell... 'forced' to do it every hand hurt, the clock slowed to a crawl every decision seemed twice as hard as it should have been.... in short the fun was gone. Might as well have been doing some data-entry job somewhere (and if you have never done this sort of thing then I recommend hard study to ensure that this remains the case).

So, my question for today is how do you cash game players do it??? I mean, respect for your deep stacked skills and all that good stuff - but this is really brain frying stuff!!

GL at those tables, Mark

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