Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Thought Exercise... What If The UIGEA Was Repealed?

While life is never really this simple... I would like to invite readers to close their eyes and imagine - just for a moment - that you log on tomorrow morning to find that the UIGEA has been completely repealed.

What would be the immediate impact - both for players and for those involved in the poker business?

Would US players immediately leave Stars / Tilt in droves and find 'fishier waters'?

Would the influx of new novice players, combined with the greater choice of site lead to a new 'golden age' or poker profits - or would the effect be short lived?

Which of the current non-US friendly sites would be the main benficiaries of the new player population?

I'll share my thoughts, for no other reason than to simulate yours. I feel that the immedate impact would be huge, yet short lived - after all it would only be 'news' for a month or two at most (though during those every man and his dog would sign-up and lose their $50!)... the impact further along would be big for sure, yet the international nature of the game would not fundamentally change any one site or game - the change quantitative rather than qualitative.

Some smart US players would seek fishier waters - however IMO this would not be marked - after all, the likes of Carbon, Cake, Doyles Room and UB are significantly weaker than Stars, and are openly available to US players - yet only a very small percentage take the time and effort to change...

The 'obvious' candidate for a serious benefit would be Party Poker... since the brand is still well known and the fishy tables remembered fondly by many players. What most US-based players are not aware of (though would quickly learn) is that the iPoker Network is not only larger than Party, but considerably fishier too... my thought is that in a post UIGEA world, Titan will become a huge success... incrementally.

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Anyway - meant to be thought provoking rather than a Titan Poker Review ... my guess is that regulation will come eventually - and slowly bring poker into the mainstream, rather than it being one big 'event' of a repeal... as a poker affiliate as well as player - I live in eternal hope though.

GL at the tables, Mark

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