Monday, September 01, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - Plans Within Plans Within Plans

Thought I'd split this months poker business update into two this month... and start with a post about plans.

Regular readers may know I worked as a Project Manager for much of my 10 year career at IBM, the mix of interesting projects and 'all the responsibility with none of the authority' suited me well. Of course a successful PM needs to be a diplomat, a communicator and a planner... and todays post will focus the last of these traits.

My plans work backwards from big statements to units of work. My plans always involve removing myself from the project... I have seen so many PMs fail to have interesting careers by not being able to remove themselves from previous projects... whatever your role in whatever organisation please please please remember this 'If you can not be easily replaced then you can not be easily promoted', trust me on this one - make yourself easily replaceable and the sky is the limit!

Anyway - will share with you my plan for the next 5 years for my business... of course any PM will tell you that if projects were that easy PMs would not be required - so this plan is itself subject to change!

In 5 Years Time: I will no longer be directly involved in the poker business, my interests will be sold - I may have an advisory role. In 5 years time I will spend the majority of my time writing fiction... with the minority managing varying business interests which do not require me to run them on a day to day basis. The time will be mine to be creative and to enjoy the young family which will have hopefully arrived by then!

In 2 Years Time: I will be the 'King of Central and Eastern Europe' in the poker / gambling niche just in time for a huge explosion in online gaming in this region. I will be the first port of call for affiliate directors wishing to grow this market and the centre of a network of affiliates in each country working together for mututal benefit. Will also be active in other niches outside of gambling and have an organisation to manage each part on a day to day basis - freeing me up for strategy / aquisitions / top level communications.

In 1 Years Time: Here we get to the more measurable units. Income from the affiliate business will be 5 times what it is today, I will have my main portal translated into at least 10 more languages and new sites covering those same 10 countries. We will have a small number of people in place to manage the day-to-day. In 1 years time we will have diversified income outside of poker, and separated the poker sites to the extent that an issue (for example Google drop) with one would not have an catastropic impact on the business. A casino portal and associated mini-sites network + a healthcare portal (more on this in later months) will be generating great income.

In 6 Months Time: Income will be doubled from today, SNG Planet will be in 4 or 5 more languages and have some more interactive elements. Targets here include SEO goals and visitors per day goals which I will not put here. My Central European network will be underway with collaborations with webmasters from various countries. New sites and the early stages of the new portals will be created....

Well, there you go - the next level down breaks down into immediate tasks and those for this and next month ahead for each of the sites... and that will be the topic of the 2nd part of my business update...

Gl at those tables! Mark

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