Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - Going Interactive

Launching a new 'widget' today over on SNG Planet (link below), its a little cheesy, fun - yet actually has a serious message, oh - and a lot of content!

This is consistant with something I have been saying here at Plan3t Gong for a loooong time... that moving beyond the 'big-2' poker sites actually reveals a whole world of fishy, profitable poker sites.

The actual tool is very simple, choose US / Non, Your preferred games and your current bankroll and press the 'Find Me Some Fish' button.

This gives 3 choices - along with an explanation of why each was chosen for those criteria... here is the hidden work... each of the 32 combos has 3 choices at 80 to 120 words each, seems like a lot of writing to me!!

Anyway, while this is aimed at the less experienced players - hopefully the message is clear enough for those of us who have been around for a while... time to take action and find some fish online.

Here is the link: Loose, Easy, Fishy Poker Sites

As usual feedback from Plan3t Gong readers is valuable and welcome - either via comment or you can mail me via the site.

GL at the tables, Mark

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