Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - End Of Month Update August

After yesterday's higher level poker business post it is time for a more usual end of month update... featuring each of my 7 sites and plans for new ones. Back to the 'commandments' tomorrow!

Will link to a couple of new things here, the banners on the top right hand side of this blog should suffice for anyone who is not familiar with the sites themselves and wants to have a look.

An announcement of sorts - I have ended my relationship as a 'niche partner' with the poker strategy forums. Working with Jason and the partners was great. However the momentum never really got going and I had to make the decision to focus my time on other projects... would like to wish the guys the very best of luck with this project moving forward and thank them for having me involved.

1) SNG Planet: Our largest site and one that continues to grow, in terms of content, visitors and now languages. The big change was the announcement of the Hungarian version in early August. The Russian version is well on the way now (target to go live early October) and what is more we just kicked off the Romanian translation which should be ready in 10 weeks (then a couple more to get the site ready).

Planning one more language this year and then ramp up the translations early in 09 - preference is for another Central European country (so if you are Polish, Slovak, Czech or Croat and can offer me good value and quality translations then please let me know via comment - note: no agencies / pro organisations please)).

Other plans for the SNG Planet include some great new content and hopefully a couple of fun interactive 'widgets' to make the site more interesting... not confirming these yet but hope to soon.

Here is the link to the all new Hungarian version (click the flag in the top right corner to return to English!):

Póker Stratégia Online Pókerversenyek

2) Melted Felt: Having a lot of fun with my spoof poker news blog. It went to PR3 very fast after some generous links from bloggers and webmasters. Small issue at the moment is that organic traffic has fallen off a cliff! The site was getting 40 to 50 search engine hits a day... then suddenly a week or so ago it went down to 3 or 4...bah! basically the name 'melted felt' only. Not sure what the issue is and hoping it is only temporary. Fortunately a good amount of traffic is arriving via links and recommendations, so we keep on keeping on with this one. Submissions always welcome (I can think of stories most days but do appreciate the assistance when ideas are submitted!).

3) Omaha Planet: Honestly a little stuck with the direction for this one... it is gaining visitors all the time and has some nice links... also recieved very positive feedback on the articles. Might even run some sort of contest for ideas for this site... tons of potential (and decent conversions too). Then again I could try and sell it?!?! Will add some more content this month and aim to come to a decision by the end of the year (when the site will be 1 year old!).

4) Rakeback-Planet: Trundling along at a paint-dryingly exciting pace... until we injected some life into the old dog (mixed metaphor penalty for Mark!). We have just added a SNG Rakeback Calculator and also started rakeback offers for PKR and Carbon via the site. It only went up yesterday and we are now working on adverts / links to it from the main pages of this site and SNG Planet... for a sneak preview of our oh-so-simple (but very effective) calc check out the following URL:

Sit N Go Rakeback Calculator

5) Poker Bonusz Klub: This one is our Hungarian language bonus / reviews portal... even though it only gets a handful of searches each day these are very targetted 'XYZ Poker Bonus Code' and the like. We decided that this one was not fulfilling it's potential so it is currently undergoing a redesign + big content upgrade... we had the 10 key articles from Killer Holdem translated and will use these. The idea is that this site becomes the template for many small country-specific portals next year. I also plan to start a mini-project to get more incoming links for this one later in the month.

6) KillerHoldem.net: A great start for the recent addition with a small but growing number of Texas Holdem searches. Have been collecting inbound links and adding a small amount of content to this site. This month is really just more of the same, might add some more 'basics' type articles which could be doubled up for use at the PB Klub.

7) Plan3t Gong Blog: Last but not least this blog! To be honest this is not part of the business, it started beforehand and I have always seen it as personal rather than profitable. Mind you it has been a long while since I put up a commercial post so maybe we will sneak one in sometime this month!! Anyway, writing this blog is a genuine pleasure and I am happy to report that the readership has continued to grow... if anyone has suggestions for PG Poker then drop me a comment - would like to ensure a good balance between the poker strategy / business and personal posts.

Many other plans this month to get some other projects started - but with the amount to do on the current sites we are not expecting to announce anything new for a while yet. The loyal readers of Plan3t Gong will be the first to know.

GL at the tables - and remember, I am always available to chat about the poker business or potential JVs!


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