Sunday, September 14, 2008

Misc Pokerage Update

Books, Sunday Strategy and Stars VIP Levels On Display might be a suitable subtitle for this misc update... first the books:

Decided that what the world is currently missing is a PLO e-book for beginners (think 'Comedy Of Errors' with 4 hole-cards). So finally got off my but and ordered a couple more PLO books to get some more ideas... Hwang's book and Reubens 'How Good is your PLO' too... sent these to the UK where I'll pick them up in early Oct along with those from Stars which already arrived (the mathematics of poker, the poker mindset and 'kill everyone'). Expect the e-book by late Nov depending on other projects.

Was just playing a few SNGs... crazy at the lower levels always, but on a Sunday they seem twice as crazy! This got me thinking whether there should be any special 'Sunday Strategy Adjustments' we could make??

The tried and trusted bluff less and value bet more needs to be extended for sure.... but I also managed to keep a large chunk of my stack on 2 occasions with AKs... normally I'd play these super-aggressively in the middle stages, but against opponents who are never folding a pair of 7's on a 5 overcard, straight and flush heavy board there is little point stacking off. Having said that we also need to get value of from the 'But my ace-6 was sooooted' brigade'... have to think about this one.

Finally I note that you can now show opponents your VIP level on Stars with different coloured stars on your avatar... many people have already taken this option and are showing the world how much of a 'VIP' they really are! My question is.... why?

Why would you give this information to opponents (telling them you are experienced in many cases)... what benefit could it have??

Anyway, each to their own.

GL at the tables, Mark

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