Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life, Poker and Business

Ahah, failed to spot some important information on the Party reload bonus... that it must be completed within 8 days (ugh!). This is not going to be possible with my very busy schedule - I hope to take a couple of hundred of the $500 available though, and those tables are also pretty fishy (for example nice pot at $50 PLO when my top full was paid off by both a flush and a straight - yep on a paired board!!).

Got a hectic period coming up shortly. First a trip to the UK starting on the 6th Oct... as soon as we are back we move flat and office at the same time. Since our flat needs work to sort out some damp we will move into a new one while still in the old office... once the work is done this flat will become the new office. Easy, nothing can go wrong, at all, ever.

Business-wise we are about to release a new widget on SNG Planet which takes your inputs and finds you the loosest / fishiest tables. Almost done (with more than 8,ooo words of possible outputs written already!!) and will announce / link here early next week (we are also going to do a press release etc for this one). Also plan on getting a 'mixed games' section up on Omaha Planet next week.

Kind of deciding on where Plan3t Gong goes as we get to the end of this year. While every blog evolves over time I feel like this one should have a more definite direction - with less time to do the 'hard-core' strategy here the options include breaking out the business side into a new blog, starting to look outward more often (links to articles / posts all over the web), or even retiring this one completely... ending on a high etc. No decision yet, we will see.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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