Friday, September 19, 2008

Another 'Challenge' - The Plan3t Gong Thailand Mission

Well, challenges - in poker terms at least - are not usually my thing... since becoming part of the poker business my hours of play have been seriously curtailed - when not working I kind of want to get away from the virtual felt (not to say I have stopped loving the game of course!)

The last Plan3t Gong challenge was a micro-stakes one - after finding a forgotten $6 on Pacific, pretty sure I doubled it before getting bored with seeing 10-way flops...

The 'Thailand Poker Bonus Challenge' is a little larger - and has a great 'get out' clause too. It was triggered by writing about poker bonuses all the time... and, erm, not actually taking advantage of them myself (!). So, I have pulled up my proverbial socks and plan on going on a bonus mission each month from now until February - by which time I want to have an extra $5k in hand... enough for a few weeks of trekking, diving and generally enjoying massages on the beach (a feeling that Erika will add shopping, shopping and more shopping to the list too....).

So, deposited $500 on Party last night to clear their 100% reload to get things started. Off to a flying start when my full-wrap + FD on the flop in PLO failed to hit any of its 2 zillion outs and lost to flopped middle set (opponent thought he was actually a favourite judging by his chat - don't worry, I restrict my strategy lessons to websites / blogs and did not tell him!).

Anyway - will update once a week or so, not going to take over the whole blog - $1k a month should be do-able even with my busy schedule.

Oh, the 'Get Out Clause' in the challenge... thats a good one. Yes, if I fail to meet the challenge then we are going anyway - worked bloody hard building up the business this year, got to have some sort of reward!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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