Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Commandments Of Poker #9 - Small Favourite / Big Dog

Nearly there with the 10 (well in fact there are 11) 'Commandments of Poker' as penned my Reubens and Ciaffone back in 1997.... the theme of all of these posts has been that - while poker has evolved beyond recognition in the 11 years since the commandments were set out, they are as true today as ever.

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#9 Is an important commandment... and one I can personally relate to as it took me a while in my early days of playing to figure this one - it is especially important in SNGs and when all-in (or potentially all in) with MTTs... in cash games it will lose you money, but at least you can reload.

Here is an example, from a SNG on Carbon recently, I was short and dealt something along the lines of Q8s on the button - 5-left - and the SB calls me with a pair of 3's... now,, this call may be ok (doubt it somehow!)... this is not the point, the point is that against my entire range of pushing hands there was only 2 hands which he was a big favourite (22 and A-2). This is a classic small favourite / big dog scenario (in fact very mundane - only memorable for the chat-box abuse which followed!!)... against most of my range he was a 55% favourite... against those higher pairs a 80% dog.

Fine, away from SNG calling ranges for the moment. There was an element of this hand which was far more important than the hands. My opponent called. Yep, he willingly took a flip - if you are the one betting you have another chance to win the hand... so this logic does not apply.

We could construct many hands which fit in with this commandment depending on your opponents ranges and the exact situation... for example your opponent raises with 88+ AQ+ and you hold 99 or AQ... you hold a set on a straightflush flop... that kind of thing.,

liked this commandment and think it could be useful for beginning players, before you find yourself in a situation like those above ask whether calling the initial bet will result in a situation where you stand to be a small favourite or a big dog!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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