Monday, August 04, 2008

Retooling My Poker Game Part #211

Well, what about the other 210 parts then?

You may well have already seen them... or some of them at least - below. Funny how the posts here have got more psychological / high-level of late (with the occasional exception for a good-old-ICM posting!).

There is a reason, and it has to do with poker, my thinking about the game is evolving - while it is well documented that bring an 'online poker pro' is something abhorrent to be (well, ok, something I consider a little odd as a goal then!). I still have a desire to be a winning recreational player, to move up the stakes and *critically* to enjoy the game at many psychological levels and not just as a lower stakes 'grinder'.

Then, from the excellent blog of the Poker Grump, this quote pops up from Phil Galfond (will set the link to open a new window)

Galfond Quote In Poker Grump's Blog

Fantastic stuff.

Got me thinking too.

Really thinking.

Do I sit at a table and really think about what errors my opponents are making and how best to adjust my own strategy to combat them??

No, I sit expecting the same generic 'too loose' or 'too passive' play and hope that my limited hand reading skills and 'bag of tricky moves' will give me an advantage (and it does, to an extent)

Do I spend the time and effort to watch other peoples hands and try to put them on specific holdings ready for the next pot where I am also involved?

Nope, looking at the showdown to see what hands they started with and making vauge notes like 'called 3 streets with pair+ weak draw' is about as far as I go.

In other words, I'm not thinking clearly enough.

Thats the word 'clearly', a personal admission about my game... my thinking takes account of many factors, works on the 2nd level where required (no point thinking 3rd level in the lower stakes!), reads hands based on betting patterns, understands odds + equity + ICM + implied odds + SAGE + fold equity + Karlson-Sklansky rankings + Sklanksy-Chubakov rankings + optimal bluffing frequency.... and more.... but at the tables these are not clearly defined and logical thoughts... they are fuzzy ones!

The stepping back to retool is a long process (not least because the business keeps me very busy) but this is a significant step... the Plan3t Gong change over from fuzzy to clear thinking is on its way - one step at a time.

GL at the tables, (a sunburnt) Mark

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Pud's Poker said...

The way some of the top pros think is absolutely amazing. I have slipped back into the groove where I just make vague notes on showdown hands and not how they got to the showdown which is equally if not more important.