Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Restealing Out Of Control?

Saw an interesting debate on a thread at P5's concerning poker psychology yesterday. Link below.

Notice that I did not say that the thread was about whether re-stealing was out of control (which is the topic being discussed on the thread).

P5s Post on Restealing

Some of the top online tournament pros contribute to this - fundamentally it concerns the fact that stealing / restealing is such an established part of poker now that much of the 'skill element' of the game has gone.

The reason for posting a link here was not to debate whether this is right / wrong.

Instead I'd like to trigger some thinking about poker's core... the fundamentals if you like. Poker is about adjusting to opponents right? People adjusted to the weak / tight Harringtonesque poker of 2005 and 2006... and now the tables are far more aggressive (well, often). While this frustrates some of the former champs, tomorrows big winners are already working on how to adjust to the new environment to beat the games... heh, something to think about!

GL at the tables, Mark

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