Saturday, August 09, 2008

Psychology And Blog Spammers

A little rant if you'll indulge me just the once.

Some more spam comments came in today, the standard stuff - this time just pitching some random betting site without even trying to make it look like a real comment.

Yeah, its annoying. Sure, the letter recognition test thing would slow them down (but also slow the genuine commentors). I know I know, that the internet attracts the lowest form of human slime.... but that is not what this post / rant is about... no, instead I just wanted to ask the quick and simple question:

- Do these people really think that spamming blogs is a 'good' way to build an online business?

I mean, will in generate traffic? Not likely right... I mean who is going to click a nonsense-english comment saying 'free betting' or whatever.

Will it generate links? No, blogger comments are not followed by search engines... else it would be all out spam instead of just the ton of spam already out there.

Will it generate brand awareness? Fuck no! Anyone with even half a brain will see through it in a second.

The thing that really gets me is that this has a cost in time (I'm assuming that the majority is manually typed or at least manually cut-n-pasted). That time could be spent on making your business, whether poker / gaming / betting etc, 'quality' in terms of content and SEO... the time the spamming scumbags spend on generating tiny amounts of traffic could actually be spent building a viable long-term business...

ah well, rant nearly over - the spam scum probably do not even understand the concept. Oh and forum spammers too... jesus you guys, you are down there with drug addicts and kiddy-fiddlers in the heirarchy of humanity!

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yetanotherusername said...

No, it does nothing. The theory goes that spam no longer works to any great degree, but that there are still a lot of clueless new businesses who think it does and pay spammers to do it.

But yes, a lot of spam is automated. The common forum softwares are coded for in common bots and then the botnets sold to do whatever.