Friday, August 08, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business Update: Finally - We Go Hungarian

It has seemed like an eon or maybe even an epoch, but finally we got the first translation of SNG Planet up and running.

The 100 best pages of the 300 or so which make up the site are now up and ready to be indexed by the big G. We think (and looking around the interweb are actually pretty certain) that we have created the single largest online poker strategy resource in Hungarian in one go!

At this very moment those same 100 pages are being translated into Russian, and after all the trials and tribulations of the HU version we hope this will be a smoother process... hoping for the end of September to launch this - by which time the Romanian translation will be well underway.

The 'big plan' is to have the central + eastern region of Europe covered entirely... to be the 'king of the east!'. When this is completed (or at least well on the way) we will look west... with French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and maybe also the 4 Nordic languages in plan for 2009....

Of course, SNG Planet is only one of several sites - and with new ideas in plan it will become part of a growing family. No reason why our others should not also be translated but at the moment we have a chicken / egg situation where we need to income from the first translations to kick in to allow us to pay someone to do the next updates of the sites... otherwise the process will just be painfully slow.

Once that point is reached the momentum should be incredible... really excitied by where we are going to be in 6-months and 1-years time.

Anyway - for those who speak the worlds most grammatically complex language (Hungarian) we are soooo pleased to give you this - enjoy - SNG Planet Magyarul

For those (like me!) who do not understand a word of it... no worries - we have a huge backlog of brand new articles ready and waiting to go up next week including a new 6-max section and re-designs for the Satellites and MTTs section with great new content for both.

Gl at the tables, Mark


Drarr said...

Hold off on the German for a bit please! I like Intelli-Poker players the way they are.


Mark said...

Haha, Good shout...

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