Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More To Life Than Poker After All!

Was going to do a business update today, but there is a fine reason (which I will not go into) for delaying a couple of days with this. Great month in July BTW, with our highest yet number of players and 2nd best in terms of revenue.

Having poker as a business and a hobby means that making sure life is balanced is important to me. Even beyond the day to day there are things going on... here is whats on the news list at the moment:

- I'm currently half way through a course of major dental treatment (ugh!) and have a numb mouth at the very moment this blog post is being typed.

- The yearly music festival here in Budapest is just over a week away, known as the Sziget (means 'Island') festival this years headliners include REM, The Killers and the Sex Pistols. Should be a good one this year with a reunion of the IBM management team I was part of in 2004 planned!

- My mother has announced a wedding date for October, husband to be is a real nice guy who used to be a F1 driver in the 1970's! Looking forward to a family knees-up.

- Just finished re-reading one of my top 10 fave books... "The Day of the Triffids; by John Wyndham, plan on writing the sequel (yes, seriously!) when I have some quality time away from the business... a couple of years yet though.

- After an irritating leg injury I am back running, I do a circuit of Budapest's Margrit Island every other day... there is a running track all the way around which makes this very popular, it is 5.3km around which i'm pretty sure is 3 and a lill-bit miles. Running makes me feel great and is something I wish I had 'discovered' years ago!

Sure there is a ton more, but hey - will have to stop here - after all, this is supposed to be a poker blog!

GL at the tables, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Always liked Triffids. Will have to reread that one myself here.

Another 1950s SF title I've always liked (and have reread a few times) is The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth. Ever read it? Have a feeling you'd like it -- a satire on advertising/commercialism.

Mark said...

Thanks for that Shamus - will certainly check it out.

Of the more retro Sci-fi stuff I really enjoy Philip K Dick... there are some moments of pure genius in his work along with a lot of craziness.

Doubt whether any author will ever knock Kurt Vonnegut from my all-time-fave spot though!

Cheers, Mark