Sunday, August 10, 2008

Look Out... Its A Bomb!

Non-poker quicky today, well it is not every day someone digs up (well dredges up!) a 1000KG WW2 bomb 150 meters from your home!

Discovered there was a problem when the Magrit Bridge was closed at around 6... preventing me getting to the island for my run. A quick check on the interweb and we find out the bomb has been found litterally at the foot of the bridge on the Buda side... yep, if I could spit somewhere around 150 meters I'd be spitting into exactly that spot from my home-office!

Now, since anybody who was anybody in WW2 bombed Hungary at some point, there is always some speculation as to whose bomb it was. Turns out this tiddler (by comparison) was a Russian one. It did not go off when first dropped, lived for 60+ years in the Danube, and also did not go off when dredged up... ahh, but you have to be cautious and bring the army in - after all it is not as if they have anyone to invade at the moment.

Back with a great poker-post inspired by Rubens and Ciaffone tomorrow!

GL at the tables, Mark

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