Friday, August 29, 2008

Life's Rich Tapestry!

Time for change once again in the world of Plan3t Corp... a reminder if you like that those famed 'unknown unknowns' are really the things which shape life - yours and mine alike.

The office which we have been happily subletting for the last few months is being closed, and quite soon too - as the lessee is winding up their company. So, we face a decision about where and how to manage the office space question.

One thing is clear to me, we need to keep the business and home in 2 separate places. Productivity and quality of life have both significantly improved since we took our part of this office. Another question is whether this change can be used as an opportunity to re-organise the living / working situation - our current flat is in a great location, nicely renovated and owned outright (so no mortgage!) - but is rather small and a little dark... an idea being that we could rent a better flat and use the current one as our office... hmmmm, all up in the air at the moment!

Then it gets more complicated. Damp has reared its ugly head, and not just a small patch either... one wall is soaked at the bottom and will require the plaster being removed and a new damp-course being installed.... yikes! Well, the house insurance will cover it, but oh dear this is going to be a BIG mess.

On a brighter note it is looking like another great month for the business... will do an update on that with some strategy ideas early next week... actually plan to make time to play a bunch of poker tournaments this evening, something which has been sadly lacking from life of late.

GL at the tables, Mark

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