Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Commandment #2 - Always Know The Rules Of The Game

Having a hectic time at the moment... Budapest's annual music festival is in town and several friends from far and wide are also in town... somehow after 'warming up' last wednesday, visiting the festival Thursday and Saturday... and 'going out for a few drinks' on Friday, I have survived 4 nights where the party stopped later than 4am... twice at 6am, not bad for an old goat eh? Got 2 more nights to go, back to the festival tonight and a re-union dinner on Monday... normal service to be resumed next week then!

2nd commandment in this series is less vital online... since the rules are hard-wired into the gameplay. It is still relevant in a slightly different way though... many people online play poker variations without really understanding the changes in strategy required.

A simple example would be from pot limit Omaha... how many times have you seen someone new to the game go broke with aces as an overpair on the river - folks, aces can win in these situations - but when the real big money goes in they will be behind 99% of the time.

Yes, we sometimes need to spend some money learning a new game - but on the otherhand this information is freely available in the many forums and poker strategy sites out there (hey, a great unplanned opportunity to plug my own Omaha Poker site!)

So, while commandment #2 really relates to the various small differences in rules in live poker games in various casinos, it is relevant to todays poker environment in many ways if we change it to 'Always know the strategy basics of the game'

GL at the tables, Mark

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