Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back To My Spiritual Home (The Stars SNG Tables)

After messing around short=stacking both Omaha and NLHE, entering tournaments and sattys and generally donking around on the HORSE tables I decided to return to my spiritual home of the SNG tables to clear the rest of my Stars WCOOP reload bonus this weekend.

Starting at the $6.50s which is a definite step down for me - but to be honest those push / fold ranges are a little rusty and the practice will come in handy, just 6 tabling them for now. Will step up to the $16s next week and see how the BR looks as to whether to go back to the $27s.

A couple of observations as to the games since my absense... firstly they are still remarkably weak, the standard of play is a little worse than I recall if anything. Secondly there are more people pushing at the bubble (though by no means all) which seems to suggest that raising with <10 BBs is pointless is understood even if the finer points of ICM and indeed any sensible calling ranges are not understood at all.

So, Plan3t Gong likes to make you think... so here is a tale of 3 SNGs - all played on different days. In 1 and 2 I got down to 180 and 225 chips respectively in the first 3 levels... instead of pushing with the next ace-rag I waited for good spots and indeed cashed in both - a 3rd and a 2nd.

Number 3 is a better story... bb= 30 and set over set (with me on the losing side!) leaves me with 20 chips, and all-in in the SB next hand at level 3... my j-4o survives and I go up to 60 chips with the bb at 50.... fold a few hands... then 2 limps ahead and I see 9-7 sooooted, perfect for the job and manage to beat the AK which raises everyone out of the pot from late position to go up to 300-odd chips... next I'm in the blind facing a button raise and my A-7 is good and so on - into 3rd place at BB600 (!) when I run my A-6 into A-K.

Not bad heh! From 20, 225 and 180 chips to a total of almost $50 combined... just by not giving up.

Let me finish with a question then, whether you play cash, MTTs, SNGs of whatever... how many times have you got down to a few blinds and thrown that last few $$ in equity (or cash!) away?

Be honest with yourself here, your bankroll can only grow.

GL at the tables, Mark

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