Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 3+R... And Other Pokerage

Well, supposed to be a successful couple of tournaments played this weekend... best was 3rd in a 90 player KO SNG and 28th out of 4 million in Saturdays 14:15 3+r MTT. It is the latter which will make up the bulk of this post - for a couple of different reasons.

The first reason is that with 3700ish players a tournament which starts at 8:15 PM (Central European Time) and has rebuys is now well and truly off the list for me. Finishing in 28th won me a whopping $80 minus my $9.30c minimum entry... not what I would call adequate compensation for finishing at 3:30 in the morning. Lesson learned.

Secondly I came across a 'name' online pro for a couple of hours in the later stages - sharing a table with Shaundeeb who is constantly ranked in the top few in the world on P5's and has much money in total cashes etc. No pots of note, the couple of times we clashed were both decided by 3 / 4 bets pre-flop. But I came away with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about this guy and his complete lack of any semblance of class.

Berating people is part of the game in one way, if you can do it within the chat 'rules' and tilt them to gain an edge then fine. But the way Shaundeeb treated one player in particular (and others but less so) was nothing short of disgusting... this player obviously did not have tournament experience at any level (limp folding with 10 bb stack and then complaining that nobody wanted to 'play' and it was all pre flop being a good example). There was no need to do this other than to stroke his own ego...

While I do not begrudge anyone success at the tables, if someone came to me and offered his wins (and $$) in exchange for my dignity (turning into Shaun) I would say a polite 'no thanks'. I actually pity him a little... a sad sad human being.

Anyway, no worries... onto the 3rd 'thing'.

People do not understand short stacked play. They really do not. Already mentioned the complaining about not enough 'play' but that was not all... I had two hands holding 9-7 this weekend in different tournaments while very short, pushed both and won both times - and got a 'chat box full' of abuse not just from the loser of the hands but from others too on each occasion.

The math worked both times, not going to go into it here but holding a short stack with some fold equity and antes in play... and being in position made both shoves nicely +ev.

Instead of going through the hands I'd like to leave readers with something to think about. In the late stages of tournaments our opponents who do not understand the need to shove in +ev spots without a strong hand are making an error. When opponents make errors we gain (thats how poker works!)... so how would you adjust to this situation? and how would relative stack sizes play into this??

Business update tomorrow!

GL at those tables, Mark

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