Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's So Good About Fridays? + SNG Wiz Update!

Looking through my affiliate stats last night and came across this one from SNG Wizard which caught the eye.... yep thats more than 1000 individuals who have downloaded a copy of SNG Wiz for the 30 day free trial via my recommendation - quite a lot when you think about it!

Not all alturistic of course, I get paid when someone takes the full version, an small milestone none the less, I honestly hope that a significant proportion of the 1007 downloaders improved their game a little! There is a full review / info over at SNG Planet (banner top left of blog).

Also looked at Facebook yesterday and saw that 3 of my friends from back in the UK had updated their 'status' message... the latest 3 all being displayed on the left hand side of the log-in screen.

These people do not know each other. All 3 work in corporations of one type or another.

All 3 took time on a Monday to type into their Facebook status that they are looking forward to Friday / The weekend.... sounds like 'wishing your life away' to me! I'm ok with a Tuesday, plan on making the most of Wednesday, enjoying Thursday and welcoming Friday when it finally arrives... something to think about huh?

GL at the Tables, Mark

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