Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Time I'll Clear It (The Stars Bonus That Is)

An admission.

While my main income is as a poker affiliate, selling bonuses and special offers to potential new players, I am useless at one thing... yep, clearing bonuses!

Sure, the initial sign-up bonuses came and went. But in the 3 years or so I have been playing poker online I have yet to make a concerted effort to 'bonus whore'... no reason really other than apathy.

Got the Stars pop up / e-mail with the $240 WCOOP reload bonus and thought that it was time to make ammends. Also created a Moneybookers account recently, so the two came together and in went my $600.

The only question is, how to clear it... 20 points per dollar is easy enough, but with limited poker playing time (too darn busy with the business) I'd like it over with fast. After a dabble last night which cleared the first 110 points the options were narrowed to:

- SNGs: Used to be my 'bread and butter' (well at least once I'd worked out how to beat them), now I am not too sure that those push / fold ranges would spring readily to mind. This should be fast (assuming 6 tables initially and a few more once used to them again)... the one thing stopping me here is that I have no idea who the regulars are anymore which will make avoiding them more difficult... a possibility.

- Cash Games: Thinking of NL Holdem, either short stacking or set-farming 6 or 8 tables at once... tried this last night with short stacks and got brutalised (normal varience, well, lost 4 of 4 'whole stack' flips at least). Did not really enjoy the short-stacking of holdem, too boring... set farming a possibility.

- PLO Short Stacking: This is what earned me the 110 points (oh and about $40 in 1.5 hours too... but that was the better side of varience). Did 9 tables at the 10 / 25c and 25 / 50c level, just to tune back in before moving to the 50c / $1. Used the Slotboom limp + reraise approach. Yeah its evil, nope its not 'real poker'... but my goodness those lower level PLO players have got worse since I last saw them if anything. The advantage of this is the large number of large pots make the points come thick and fast... will choose this option for the first 1000 points and see how it goes from there.

GL at the Tables, Mark

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