Monday, July 14, 2008

Poker Update

Managed to get more than my usual amount of poker in over the last several days... must be some kind of reaction to updating all those Hungarian pages in Dreamweaver (do not understand the language at all which makes things doubly difficult).

Have been playing 50c / $1 full ring NLHE games over at Carbon which has proven to be profitable, the Omaha games are also very soft there but there is not yet the volume to make this a regular PLO venue.

Cashed in one tournament on Titan... where the effects of running good and peoples perceptions of this were all too apparent. I was nursing a small stack for much of the time and noticed a player 2 to my left was catching cards, which were holding up... enabling him to build a top 5 stack in the 800 odd person tournament.

Now, the thing is he quickly turned into a table 'professor' lecturing others, making snide comments and all that usual stuff. So, I had a quick look through the hand history (was the 2nd hour)... wow... in 25 hands, aces three times, ace-king three times (won each time), queens once and kings once, also flopped the nut flush with an a-9 suited.... jealous? of course I was! Did not say a word of course! Funny how he thought he was a great player though... similar to the wider context for me - that 10% who 'run good' for their first 6-months and consider 'going pro' who in reality are no better than the average Joe....

Anyway, won a seat in the Sunday 2-Million - via a Turbo rebuy - and decided to play, was picking spots in the satellite without regard to cards, something I used to do well but have recently been failing to do (confidence?).

Busted out of the Million just before the end of the 2nd hour. No worries looking at the hand, I was doomed whichever way it got played due to stack sizes, position and situations.

Blinds 800 / 400 ante 50 so 1650 in the pot pre. I have 14k (having lost a medium pot a few hands before then folded for a while) and the c/o (has me covered) opens for 2200... he has opened when folded to a few times and twice folded to my re-raises, I have A-K suited.

Hmmm, options are all odd.

Raise - any raise which has a chance of taking it is going to pretty much commit me to the pot on the flop.
Call - Ugly, since I'll miss 2/3rds of the time.
Push - Possibly the best with my stack, since we have some history I'll be called with a lot of worse hands (he has more than 2x my stack as well which might help).

Well I pushed... looking back I feel this was weak but then again it did ensure I saw all 5 cards. Flop comes 10-4-K but my opponent had aces (0ops!). Of course, with the K on the flop I was going to bust however played so no worries.

Anyway, this week will be busy (again) with a long list of tasks... not expecting to get too much poker in, though you never know!

Gl at the tables, Mark


Sibbe said...

Hi Mark
I've been thinking about starting on my own pokerblog... Was wondering if you could give me some good hints? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for a great blog!


Mark said...

Thanks for the feedback sibbe.

Just go for it... try and find an 'identity' to differentiate your blog from the masses, oh and do not post too many bad beat stories (!) would be my advice.

GL with it.


Pud's Poker said...

I've started dabbling with PLO recently as the players are so bad it is laughable!

Do you have any links to good articles or maybe decent strategy books on the game?

Mark said...

Sure Pud, I've got a whole website on the subject -

Can also rec Rolf Slotboom's book 'Professional Pot Limit Omaha'

Cheers, Mark