Thursday, July 03, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - Irregular Update!

Time for another update on the poker business, after our first full month in an office things are going very well - I can feel the improvement in focus and productivity! Wanted to make this a forward looking post, and a follow up to my recent statement that 'no more sites for a couple of months' was something to be excitied about.... the question is why??

Well, the fundamental point is that things could always be better. We now have 7 sites in total and a month or so of 'sharpening' each one is the plan. Here is the current list:

Sit And Go Planet
Omaha Planet
Plan3t Gong Blog
Melted Felt Blog
Poker Bonusz Klub

While each have separate areas to work on identified there are a couple of themes which run through them all.

SEO: The vast majority of traffic for the strategy sites comes from Google (the other search engines also contribute of course). The focus this month will be to take a bunch of terms for which we are on page 2 and 3 and work on getting to page 1. The focus will be on the kinds of terms that will generate profits rather than the general strategy searches. This will involve some on page optimisation as well as gathering some external links.

Content: Of course the key to my whole business... content acts as the backbone of the sites, to get links coming in, visitors and to keep people around for a while too. 'More Content' is not really the strategy this month - though I will publish a bunch more this is really 'business as usual'. The difference this month will be in re-writing some of the earlier pieces and increasing the number of 'calls to action' in relevant articles + a small increase in the number of banners / adverts. We also plan to make the content easier to find by re-organising the headings (SNG Planet in particular has a huge amout of content)

Languages: This almost feels like a mill-stone around my neck... have wanted to get the sites translated for ages and still nothing to show for it. Well, not quite right - most of the 100 pages we wanted are now in Hungarian... to be published by the end of the month, we are also getting started with the Russian this month (prob Aug / Sept for this as not understanding creates some more complications). Will make decisions on which languages to do next soon too... Romanian is high on the list and maybe Polish too - Plan on being the 'King of Central + Eastern Europe' before looking towards the western European markets next year!

Advertising Sales: The lovely Erika is (rightly) nagging me to get an advertising sales strategy together... I have enquiries almost daily, some spammy but many geniune too. Selling banner space and links could increase our income nicely... yet I'm reluctant to give away too much of our traffic too soon. Hard to explain but I keep thinking that if I keep the sites (mostly) ad-free they are somehow more 'valuable' for the future. Ah well, probably clear that the strategy is what is required here... after all 6-month slots do not commit me for so long.

Tournaments: Well, the latest PLO8 tournament did not get enough people to run, only 8 of the minimum 10... ok this was during one of the Euro 08 group matches, but even so a $2 tournament with a $100 overlay... this pissed me off a little and so lead to me (probably temporarily) postpoing the plans I had for a "$1000 SNG Freeroll"... the idea was to have some $1 MTT qualifiers (themselves with prizes including tournament tokens etc) and video the final SNG... maybe next month I'll feel like doing it again!

Oh well, another long post... back to formatting Hungarian pages in Dreamweaver!

GL at the tables, Mark


Pud's Poker said...

Maybe change the PLO8 game to standard PLO as I think more people would be interested in the mainstream version of Omahahahaha?

Good luck with the venture!

Anonymous said...

"I keep thinking that if I keep the sites (mostly) ad-free they are somehow more 'valuable' for the future."

Keep thinking this :)