Friday, July 18, 2008

MTTs - Short Stacked Late...

Here is a situation we have all been in at some point... you are late in an tournament, maybe even in the money. A couple of failed steals or the loss of a pot and *boom* you are in that danger-zone, down to 7 to 10BBs - resteal fold equity gone and really only the all-in steal (or play for all of your chips available).

One thing I have been getting better at in these situations is pulling the trigger earlier rather than later. Nothing worse than blinding for an orbit, getting aces and doubling up to 9bbs!

The benefits of aggression with a short stack in these circumstances are almost always going to outweigh the costs. Watching pros on PxF is an interesting example - they start to 'worry' and actively look for spots long before getting to the <10BBs area, makes sense right... with antes a 10bb stack will often give you an 'M' in of between 6 and 7, you'll be firmly in the red zone by the time one orbit has gone.

So... todays 'thing to think about' as it were!

What is stopping you from shoving with any 2-cards when folded to in LP in these circumstances? Would you be embarrassed showing J3 off when called? Are you 'waiting for a better spot' that might never come? Are you not yet familiar with the maths which shows that your 67s has a great shot against A-K when this hand calls? Maybe you did not consider that the blinds and antes may add 15% to your stack, and that doubling from here could potentially make you a viable contender for the final table again? Or maybe, just maybe, you looked at the $10 jump in payouts which folding will bring you and chose this over a shot at the final table which could bring you an average of $400 (how many % of the time do you need to reach this to make the 'gamble' worthwhile?!!?!?)

GL at the tables, Mark

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