Saturday, July 26, 2008

General Update - Cereus and Stars vs Carbon

Well, seems like anybody who is anybody needs to have an opinion on this new-fangled Cereus network... the moral 'how could you' brigade (who IMO can not see that this whole incident is similar to complaining about carrying out mass hangings using scratchy nylon rope instead of the good quality traditional stuff) are out in force...

Maybe I'm nobody but I can not get too excitied about it. Except in the business sense, will drop AP from my sites shortly, they never really converted well anyway, and use the empty slot to bring in Cake - who are growing in popularity.

We will have to wait and see whether more rooms, new or existing, join the Cereus network. All the .com domains were taken by the time I heard, but managed to swoop in and get (nothing there but an ad from my hosting co at the moment - will see what pans out over the next couple of weeks before deciding what to put up on this domain!).

All that will have to wait though - as Erika and I are off for a few days in Wien / Becs / Vienna (all the same place, Austria's capital city - detele the names as applicable!). Does not mean you should stop coming over to Plan3t Gong though - will experiement with post-dating some posts and see if they appear at the right time (will have to be strategy then!). Really hoping to meet Midge Ure while there.

Stars bonus getting there - again work keeps getting in the way - managed to clear 700ish points so far. Funny how the psychology works with me... got really fed up with this points business very fast and went over to Carbon, my god the loose-passive cash games are so profitable, even for a player who considers himself to be wearing the 'learner driver plates' in the cash arena... makes me question why I am bothering with the bonus at Stars at all - the logic being that my expectation / hourly rate is higher at Carbon even without the bonus dollars...

Ah well, rather than waste too much time on this I'll focus on the websites, play for fun and see the bonuses as fringe benefits!

GL at the tables, Mark

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