Monday, July 07, 2008

Dignity / Self Respect At The Virtual Poker Tables...

Played some low limit tournaments over the past few days (a case of the 'almost!') and something struck me about the usual plethora of whiners and 'experts' at the tables that seemed worthy of a post.

Want to be careful to get the tone of this post right - nothing worse than whining about whining after all!

My point is that a significant minority of individuals, especially in the low limits, are lacking 2 significant things:

1 - Dignity
2 - Self Respect

Poker is a game of edges, this means - however hard we try - that sometimes, due to the good old law of averages, we lose a pot we 'should have won'. Everyone knows this, and over time everyone will encounter it.

What I do not get is peoples reaction to such scenarios, not only the 'whiners' but the 'only at XZY site' or the 'how could you have called pre / flop / turn (delete as applicable) 'professors.

What I really wanted to type this weekend, on many many occasions was 'Have some self respect... this is a $5 tournament!' or similar. This is the core of the matter for me - those very people who want you to 'respect their raises' have zero digity, zero self respect.


No, I typed nothing except for the occasional 'gg' or 'ty'.

Did not win anything at the tables this weekend, but at least I lost with dignity!

GL at the tables, Mark

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