Wednesday, June 11, 2008

World Series Of Yawning? Oh, And A General Update!

General update again today, will get to the title shortly.

Wanted to start with an update on moving into an office... and the news here is very good in terms of productivity. Just spent the last 3 hours focused 100% on some (rather tedious as it happens) tasks that would have taken an entire day back with all the distractions of home. Have yet to sort out the routine properly (4am drinking and mornings in the office never went together too well...) but already a huge improvement - moved some things forward this last couple of weeks that will make a huge difference to my business down the line.

On a personal note my Father is visiting us here in Budapest for a long weekend. Really looking forward to it (and not just because he brings 15 year old malt with him!).

On another personal note after my mini-blogging-blow-up in April I feel much happier with the direction of Plan3t Gong... more general / psychological and opinion, enjoyed those deep-down strategy concepts, but they could never go on indefinitely in a blog - turns out there are times in the life of a blog when you just have to move on....

And finally to the title... a question really, all that build up to the world series of poker, satellites, previews, debates on blind structures and new events, final table delays to get a buzz going... and now it has started in earnest... and I just remembered from previous years that it is actually quite dull!

Anyone else feel that way, or am I just getting old and grumpy??!?

On second thoughts you'd best not answer that.

GL at the tables, Mark

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svarog99 said...

I think John D'Agostino put it best when he said of overhyped final tables: "66 vs AK, all in preflop, and whoever wins is the next world champion".

For many players, as we become more experienced with poker, the big tournaments become gradually less interesting to watch. But they still have value, because they raise poker's profile and constantly attract new people to the game.

And as far as live tourneys go, the WSOP really is the best in the world -- deep structures, big selection of events, etc. Where else, besides HSP, do you see poker on TV where people actually have 100+ BB stacks? At least there is some real gameplay involved.

So yes, it's overhyped, but "World Series of Yawning?" -- amusing, but I'm just not that jaded yet!