Thursday, June 05, 2008

Turning Negative Chat Into A Positive - Part #2

Continuing yesterday's theme of horrible -ev chatting... this time with a couple of thoughts on positive chat, that is to say chat-box words which may actually increase your bottom line.

Going to start with an example and then follow with some thoughts on why we so rarely see them!

So, we are playing against a classic calling-station and get called down with ace-high (beating our king-high)... now, thinking it through, without some amazing meta-game read this call will lose money pretty fast right - even though it took the pot on this one occasion. So our objective is to encourage this behaviour with our words and not discourage it.

Some examples might be "Wow, you can smell a bluff at 50 yards", or "Great read, got me again", nothing over-the-top or patronising... just a quiet compliment which encourages the bad play.

Other examples:

Someone comes in with Ace-Six off... snags 2 pair and wins a big pot from you holding Ace-King: "Damn, should have known you flopped a monster, NH"

Someone chases all the way and hits their gutshot on the river: "Can not get a hand to hold on today, NH"

Could go on - but the point is already made, the majority of chat discourages the very behaviours which make us money over time - thinking players would try to encourage these leaks.

But we rarely, if ever, see these examples at the tables.

Why is this?

After all, surely there are enough intelligent poker players out there (even if it was a small percentage the sheer amount of players we come across mean we would have seen many examples...)

For me there is a good reason.

- There is a danger that this very chat will provoke some unthinking fish to chime in with exactly the kind of words we are trying to discourage "no it was not a good play, he is a f-ing fish" etc etc

Hey, you might even get berated yourself... and some people are sensitive to this.

There are 2 points to finish up with:

- Please, every time you have the opportunity to stop someone berating a fish then do so... take the fish's side, educate the a$$hole who chased them away, anything.
- Look for those opporunities to use chat as a weapon, particularly if you play the same opponents regularly (at a smaller site or in a niche game etc).

GL at the tables, Mark


svarog99 said...

Some interesting posts this week.

I think most decent players know better than to berate the fish, but at the same time, they are susceptible to getting annoyed when they are sucked out on -- especially when it happens repeatedly and/or when the fish has the gall to make some remarks of his own.

You WANT him to keep playing like that, but you don't want to lose. If anything, you're really angry about your bad luck. But since you can't yell at luck, you direct your anger at the fish.

It might make you feel better temporarily, but it's bad manners and bad business.

svarog99 said...

I just remembered something I saw in a low-buyin SNG that I was playing in a few months ago. Of my 3 remaining opponents, two were average. The third player, who we'll call Mr. Lucky, was bad and predictable. He routinely showed his cards at the end of the hand and explained in the chatbox why he played them the way he did.

Even though Mr. Lucky was running hot, I was confident that he'd lose if he kept spewing information like that.

Well, one of the average opponents got tired of his comments, I guess, and started berating him... telling him to "shut up", and that "no one cares what you have".

Sure enough, the guy stopped chatting and showing cards. Unbelievable...