Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Turning Negative Chat Into A Positive?

Have been quietly frustrated over the last week or so by some of the things people type into the chat box while playing poker.

Instead of just ranting I thought it would be good to explore ideas on how we might use chat to our advantage. First a list of some of the examples from the tables... most regular players will be well beyond this stage, if you can not see why this kind of thing actually costs you and the rest of the decent players at your table money then please think long and hard about the subject before chatting during play again.

Example 1: $1 / $2 7-card stud at Pokerstars... guy calls bets all the way with ace-high (after raising to rep the ace on 3rd then slowing down when check / raised on 4th)... catches a gutshot straight draw on 5th and makes it on 7th!!

Guy with trips who lost the pot: How could you call down with that you F****** moron *this goes on for 2 more hands or so and the chasing fish leaves.

Thinking it through: Where does the money come from here? Every $2 the guy put into the pot cost him $1.75c over time... we actually want him to stay at the table - so why make him leave?


Example 2: $35k Gtd on Titan Poker (my favourite online tournament!) this is a $10 re-buy with some of the most horrible opponents you are likely to meet online. Anyway, one player decides to go all-in every hand and is actually only single re-buying. *link + bonus code in the right hand column of this blog btw! *

Some idiots: "This is like playschool (as in kindergarten) not poker", "idiot", "all-in again, fish" etc etc

Thinking it through: For what reason would these guys want to stop mr Maniac giving away chips to the table.... and 1500 at a time too, meaning that you could call with a positive expectation with any decent hand and not lose your whole stack when you lost... for a rebuy this is as perfect as it gets - yet 3 of the 10 players seemed determined to berate him into stopping... guys - stop, think and ask yourself what you are doing!


Example 3: Lesser example really but one that made me laugh... was trying out some new (to me) software yesterday and fired up a $6.50 turbo on Stars... did well until losing a big hand when dominating some guy - no worries, played enough SNGs by now to be immune to that! Anyway, I was pushing a lot (hey the table was weak!) and some guy decides to berate me for having no poker skill, not wanting to play post-flop and all that stuff (at least one other player agreeing whole-heartedly that I had no skills at all!).

Thinking it through: If you think my play was 'bad' why did your chat try to discourage it? After all surely you should encourage any trait that could make you money. Actually the software I was testing told me that the chatters were both significant $ losing players... hehe, fits in nicely with my theory then!

One more *sigh*

Ah well, got too long for one post already.

I had a few ideas on ways of using chat in more subtle form to encourage exploitable behaviours, rather than stop them which will now be saved for tomorrow.

In the meantime, if anyone makes the mistake of berating someone for bad play they are costing themselves and possibly you a bunch of money. Make sure you spread the word that this is -ev for us all.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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John said...

I'll tell you what's -EV: letting the poker shark world know about the 35K Guaranteed. ;P ;)