Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business.... A Few Interesting Websites...

Those with a longer memory will remember my weekly SNG / MTT Digest, listing worthy sites / threads and articles from around the web...

Well I may not have the time to compile such things these days, but that does not mean that interesting sites do not come turn up now and again, couple of examples below of sites that I have had bookmarked for a little while (well not too long!) and think are worthy of some linkage... these focus on the business side of poker, was planning on a post of my favourite non-poker websites at some point down the line too...

1) New Poker Affiliate - This site belongs to a gentleman by the name of Greg who also owns a couple of quality poker strategy sites. Went back for a look the other day and noticed that the number of articles on the poker affiliate business has seriously grown. If you are a blogger looking to generate a little $$$ or a serious affiliate then there is a bunch of great advice and info at this site... tagged Promote Poker, Make Money

Promote Poker, Make Money

2) Nat Arems Blog, Common sense and business acumen combined with the ability to write... a rare breed indeed. Nat's blog covers many of the hot poker news topics as well as his business deals (some of the bigger ideas / sites out there are involved) certainly worth a visit, in fact worth an entry on my blogroll... ok, done.

Nat Arem's Blog

3) Raise The River, watched this one grow from a list of blogs, then a forum and now into a thriving poker community with many features over the last year or so... I have a lot of respect for the job that Burnley Mick and his team have done with this site - it is no mean feat to succeed in the crowded forum space either!

Raise The River

Ah well, there are a few more, think I'll save them for another month!

GL at the tables, Mark

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Pud's Poker said...

Thanks for the RTR shoutout mate, much appreciated!