Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PLO8 Tournament Anyone?

Working like a dog at the moment (I know a lot of people say this... but really, I feel like a hound!) lots of projects on the boil to announce soon.

While Omaha Planet has been updated a few times recently with new articles, and has seen a slow but steady rise in visitors, I thought it was time to breathe some life into this site with a money added tournament!

So, at great expense to myself we are announcing a $100 added $2 PLO8 tournament this coming Sunday the 22nd of June. The last couple of tournaments we held attracted small fields and were a lot of fun (no crying allowed in a $2 tournament!)... this means you can visualise the $100 in free prize money as $8 each (or whatever, depending on the field)... not bad.

Anyway - the idea is to get some traffic to Omaha Planet... so if you want more details + the password then head right on over - would be great to see a bunch of Plan3t Gong readers at the tables!

Omaha Poker Planet

Cheers, Mark

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