Thursday, June 26, 2008

Announcing... My Last New Site (Well, For A Couple Of Months!

The fact that I will not be creating any more websites for at least 2 months may seem like a strange thing to be happy to announce... yet I'm actually really exitied about the next couple of months - which will be spent sharpening the existing portfolio and (finally) sorting out the translations (which are well underway!).

So - - this is another small site, this time aimed squarely at the new player. The tagline is Best Online Texas Holdem Games which should give an idea of the types of searches we will be targeting.

At around 30 pages the fundamental idea is again based around well written quality information. If I am going to send a player to a poker room then I actually want them to win over time! We considered what those people new to poker were more likely to be searching for in the 'Holdem' area... while it is probably very basic for the average Plan3t Gong reader, we hope that this will be a good resource for those who have heard of Holdem and fancy giving it a try.

Ah well, will outline my plans for not creating any more sites in my usual 'start of month' business update... its going to be a crazy month of SEO, re-writes, organisation and adding value all round!

Here is the link to the new one again Best Online Texas Holdem Games

GL at the tables, Mark

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