Monday, May 05, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - End Of Month Update Time Again

Still at the 'in-laws, this trip to sunny Kiskunhalas was made considerably brighter by the arrival of the local wine festival. Think of a stage surrounded by little stalls each run by a local vinyard, you get to test the wines for around $1 a glass - some award winners among them too!

Anyway, business update time.... April was the best month yet (following a trend of best months yet!). The breakthrough this month, with the help of selling a couple of advert slots, was to more or less equal the money I would have earned from my former corporate life... the opportunity cost of not working as a 2nd line manager / senior PM in a blue chip is significant so this is no small achivement. Just need to ensure that we keep it going (and growing).

Even with the best month, most players and biggest traffic stats, May had its frustrations. The translation project got off to a bumpy start and we did not move forward with the Holdem strategy site as much as expected. The translation will still go ahead, this month SNG Planet will be in Hungarian, this will then allow us cheaper translations into Russian and German in June / July with more to follow at the rate of 1 a month after that (plently of people with 2 languages here, less with 3).

The biggest change this month will be to move the business out of home and into an office. Down to 2 possibilities now, and will find out which one moves forward this week. This will have its expenses... monitors + desks + second printer +++ (big list) but will be really great in terms of productivity... will give us the boost we need to hit $15k a month by the end of the year (my latest new target!)

In addition to the translation and holdem site this month we plan to get the comedy poker news site up shortly, have some material ready (some silly, some more cutting) already. We also plan to add a basics / rules section to the PB Klub and to add some more articles to all of the sites.

Just a shorty on the business front this month. Plan on a couple more posts updating this side of things as we go through the month... including my (tounge in cheek) breakdown of the different characters you meet in the poker affiliate business and updates on the move.

GL at the tables, Mark

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