Saturday, May 31, 2008

Office Finally Happens!

Seems to have been ages since we first started down the road to moving the business from home into an office... probably only 6 weeks or so which is not so bad in the big scheme of things

This pic---> was snapped by Erika on her phone just as we were preparing to leave yesterday. We are letting a nice big room in a larger office, with room for at least 2 more desks comfortably at the end of the office the pic was taken from.

Location is great, overlooking Budapest's central 'Deak Ter' with fantastic views over to the Gellert Hill and some serious sunshine! Future blog posts will be brough to you from the left hand seat (since the aircon unit is that side and I suffer from the heat)

So, Monday a new era in productivity begins... we have achieved a lot in the last year with the setup of the Planet Empire - that, dear readers, was just the warm up....

Cheers, Mark

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Scott said...


I finally made you call it the empire in PUBLIC