Monday, May 26, 2008

Misc Pokerage + Business Update

Instead of waiting until there is some 'news' or a new strategy theme its time for one of those bloggers type general updates which sometimes appear in this blog too... you know, how things are going at the tables... that kind of thing (!)

Enjoyed my first Poker Stars turbo Takedown yesterday... what a crapshoot it was too, managed 786th (I think) for $225 when I reshipped JJ into a raiser with around 12bbs only to run into aces (oops!). Actually turned down a couple of marginally +ev spots early when re-raised with medium pairs - for once the old 'no need to take a flip if your skill level is much higher' was true for me.... so I found better spots.

How about folding top full on the river in PLO when the board tripped up? - 7-K-4-7-7 being the final board, after he checked and called2 bets I knew my opponent was strong (he alway lead / re-raised with both draws and vulnerable hands previously and folded quickly otherwise) when he then bet the full pot on the river for 70% of his stack it had to be the case 7... I folded KKxx and bingo - he showed me the quads (with the last K too, though AAxx would also have me beaten). Felt good and I went on to win the HU match!

Only tried one 'Kill Phil' SNG so far - a Stars $16 turbo, folded until BB150 then shoved AK from mid positon.... button called with 88 (marginal eh?!!) and won the hand... will try some more before updating on this subject, one observation is that mini-raises really mess with this strategy (exactly the same with the 'Sklansky System' as I recall).

Finally we are ready to move into the office... monitors etc now installed. Tomorrow afternoon we go and start working from there - afternoon is for certain, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are in town for an open air concert tonight... it is 26 degrees C and I'm thirsty, which basically wipes out tomorrow morning. Will post some pics later in the week.

GL at those tables, Mark

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