Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Found A Leak!

Thinking about your own play and finding leaks to plug is known to be a profitable way of improving your game. I'm certainly no exception and managed to spot a new leak which may even open the door to a psychological breakdown of my play (and thus further improvements later).

Will show you a scenario... holding a pair say 10's (can be any mid to high pair). I raise in middle position and am called by 1 opponent who has position on me.

Flop comes something like 2-8-Q or 4-4-J (no obvious draws and just one overcard). Here I frequently get in trouble, since these flops are so 'dry' and the chances my opponent has the specific overcard paired are low I fire away 'not believing' the signs that should make the warning bells start to ring...

Of course, it can be argued that these flops are so good for continuation bets that my opponent does not believe me!

If I were a high level player there could be something in this... however, at the lower to middle limits there is little point assuming that your opponent is thinking on any level than "wow I started with Jack-Queen off and hit the best possible pair - think I will slowplay it to show the table how great I am at poker!!"

What to do about this leak is another matter entirely, giving up too early seems a bit passive / weak... believing turn check-raises would be a good starting point. Have a feeling that this kind of situation falls all the way back to one of the oldest poker sayings of all:

Don't Go Broke In An Unraised Pot!

Gl at those tables, Mark

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