Friday, May 02, 2008

Dealing With SNG Downswings - A Perspective On Poker Variance

Another link to SNG Planet...!

We have a new article by Albatross77 up on the site. This one talks about the 'fantasy' and 'nightmares' of variance in the game... there are so many people who mistake 'running good' with above average poker ability over a small sample - and they are often very confused when the inevitable reversal happens.

SNGs Running Good and Dealing With Downswings - Albatross77

I am always interested in hearing from new writers, especially those with proven winning records online (no 'pro copywriters' required as I do this piece myself!). I have niches including SNGs, Tournaments and Omaha all looking for some excellent articles!

GL at those tables, Mark


Littleacornman said...

Cheers for the link.Great stuff from Albatross77.

Mark said...

Cheers Acorn, Personally a big fan of the Albatross - manages to write in a creative way and still get the important message across, and has the record to back it up too!

Hoping to get a few more 'known' players writing articles for my sites as we move forward.

Cheers, Mark