Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sit N Go Starting Hands Guide - The 'Great Debate'


Written an article on SNG Starting hands.... It turned out quite well (even if I do say so myself!) and discussed many of the factors which go into determining whether to play a hand from each position...

Now at the stage of putting together an actual chart (or 3) for multi-tablers (turbo) and those who enjoy 1 or 2 non-turbo tables instead. Just kicked off 'The Great SNG Starting Hands Debate' over at my board at the Poker Strategy Forums... would be great to get some input from some of you SNG specialists out there - even if it is just to say that you agree with my thoughts (though I doubt there will be too many agreeing!)

The finished article + charts will go into SNG Planet in a few days time, will be happy to credit anyone who contributes to the debate in the article too (just ask!)

Cheers, Mark

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