Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - End Of Month Update #3 (Part #2)

Right, the rest of the business update started earlier today... kind of dived straight into the next big project without a highlights of March and Plans for April summary - to redress:

March Business Highlights

- Finally got the HU bonus / room info site up and running. Poker Bonusz Klub is now indexed and ranking nicely for some decent terms, not too much traffic as yet, but early days.
- Rakeback-Planet (with the dash!) is up, idea with this is to send already rakeback-educated players from SNG / Omaha Planets (and maybe Plan3t Gong!)... working as a sub for an established RB provider so as to be able to offer the maximum available %'s right from the start.
- Started my partnership with the Poker Strategy Forums seems to be good progress so far, enjoying working with some experienced poker affiliates - and the quality of posts is high. The forum is gaining momentum all the time and I can see growth being exponential once we gain enough members.
- Traffic up at all sites and some nice Google ranking boosts for SNG Planet in particular and Omaha Poker Planet starting to do well for many terms too.
- New Look SNG Planet was released around the 12th... idea was to be both 'cleaner' and 'easier to navigate', feel that we achieved both of these - not bad for a team who had little idea how to make websites 1 year ago!!

Wow, what a month.

So, onto plans for April... will divide these by site:

- SNG Planet:
- First 2 translations (maybe 3) each of 100 pages minimum.
- Lots More Content... at least 15 articles to go up during the month.
- Private Tournament (in plan for 20th April, just a $2 entry with a huge $160 over-lay... details to follow about a week to 10 days before hand as to exactly when / where - stay tuned!)

- Omaha Planet
- More Content Here for sure, smaller site so not going to go crazy with pages but at least 1 article per week from now onwards.
- Considering a private tournament for this site too... just a small buy-in and $100 extra or so into the prize pool for those who want to give PLO a try in a fun environment.

- Plan3t Gong Blog
- Keep on keeping on! ok, want to become a little more active in the 'blogging community' than I have been of late... going to have a regular slot in my schedule to read others blogs and find new ones to recommend on my 'blogs of distinction' list. Always happy to exchange links with quality blogs - just drop me a comment... same if you have a recommendation for a blog to read.

- Poker Bonusz Klub / Rakeback-Planet (with the dash!)
- Not much action with these this month, will let them get established with the search engines for a month and make a plan for each for May... will get a couple of inbound links each week for them but little else.

- XYZ Planet(s)!
- A new strategy site is on the way... going to be the best yet. Hope to have it ready this month... if not we will at least be ready to announce, stay tuned.
- Also thinking of a '' site targeting some specific bonus terms we identified from the keyword tools... this is dependant on time spent with other projects... call me old fashioned but I prefer the projects that 'add value' in some way to readers rather than just fishing for the targetted clicks (yeah, I know - should be both!).

- Writing Content
- Well I gave up my writing service last month but have had a new idea for selling content. Again this will largely depend on time spent on other projects... but Mark's unique article 'packs' could be hitting the shelves some time soon!! We will see.

Ok - thats the business update done... even more plans in the trusty notebook but trying to be realistic as to what I can achive with my time. We are already 'sniffing' around how much offices cost etc here in Budapest and it is becoming clearer all the time that we will look back in a years time and see how these loooooong days in early 2008 set us up for the future.

GL at the tables, Mark

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