Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - End Of Month Update #3

Another month gone, seemingly in the blink of an eyelid, and time for another business update. A couple of changes to the format of these, no more actual numbers / results - well not specifics anyway... will still publish my interim targets and whether I made them or not.

Last months target of at least one player each day is now complete... so time to set the sights a little higher - or rather a lot higher. Many small things combined to make business successful during March, even with a huge 'gap' of no signups for over a week... the main change was psychological...

I have wanted to 'hire' outside help for some time now (after all my main 'skills' (other than writing) are in the people management + project management areas). Until now my view was this:

' While there are still hours in the day I am not working then we can not justify paying someone else to work'.

It did not matter whether I worked 8, 10 or 14 hours... if there were more hours available then I needed to fill these up first - and fill them productively too (checking google analytics does not count!!!). Actually had one of those enlightened moments during March and, after some discussions with Erika, have changed my approach completely.

' We hire a team, paying other people to work for us will motivate and drive me to get 110% productivity from my own time' (you see the difference... in some ways it is minor - however when we look back at March 2008 in a years time then I'm convinced that this will be the time we point to and say 'that is when we stopped being good and started the road to being great!!')

So, this in turn has lead to a big shift in approach and project scope... and the introduction of what I am calling ' Project East '

Not that it is just east...

The idea is that I am going to have my sites translated into several languages, starting with 100 pages of SNG Planet into 2 or 3 languages each this month... we have already lined up some help with the dreamweaver updates for this and are looking to hire some local translators to get the job done...

'East' comes into the picture with the languages we are looking at, Russian is top of the list, Romanian also high along with Polish... these are emerging poker markets and there is plenty of room for ranking highly in the country Google searches here. German is widely spoken too (as common as English here in Central Europe), I'm also going to look at Dutch, French and Italian, Hungarian. I'm not going to ignore the Nordic languages or Spanish / Portuguese... however these are in the 2nd priority category for me for slightly different reasons.

- Having worked on projects with the Nordics (Denmark / Sweden / Norway and Finland) in my previous corporate life I have yet to come across someone from these countries who does not speak excellent English!

- For the Hispanic languages the reasoning is slightly different... translations usually cover these first (the 'obvious' choice for those based in the US I guess??)... leading to more competition, I believe that the way to go is 'east' where I will have a good deal of 'first movers advantage'... then we look at South America / Spain etc

Ah well, this is only one plan of many for next month and already this post is getting too long.

Will continue my business review tomorrow.

In the meantime if anyone out there would be willing to translate 100 pages of SNG Planet into one of the languages I mentioned please send me a mail with your quote (for the whole job, pages are between 500 and 700 words (some a little longer)... I'm not interested in per-word quotes etc)) to - we are recruiting locally here in Budapest so you'll need to be competatively priced!

GL at those multi-language tables, Mark

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