Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ok ok

Well, thanks for the kind comments / e-mails and messenger messages folks - very humbling to receive them.

FYI - Also got the proverbial 'clip round the ear' from the lovely Erika too... something about being 'stupid'...

Well if nothing else it might have gone some way to fulfilling my promise of telling you who the 'real Mark' behind these posts is... sure I'm 'driven', not one of those folks who drifts on through watching life sail by, but many moments occour when those accumulated small doubts which I banish on a day-to-day basis combine forces to hit me with a vengence.

I see the reader stats going up on a monthly basis, should know better - yet - blogging is a strange beast, there is always that 'is anybody out there' feeling attached and, well, it hit me all at once.

No excuses, will take a couple more days to think about it then come back with a poll to ask what posts people prefer... after all - with all these commercial sites I'd like to have at least one which remains primarily for enjoyment, of you the readers that is.

Cheers, genuinely humbled and appreciate your support...


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