Monday, April 21, 2008

Implied Odds vs 'Marked With Aces' In PLO...

Played a little PLO over the weekend and a common situation came up... as tends to be the case with poker this got me-a-thinking! So first the situation

Carbon Poker 25c / 50c PLO table:

- First back in time... 3 hands previously... after a flurry of limping pre-flop and a little mini-bettting on the flop and turn our villan takes a small pot with QQJ10 double suited

- The hand in question, villan in ep open raises pot ($1.75), effective stacks close to the $50 buy-in... 5 callers (!).

So, simply combining the action earlier (he had limped a lot including the qqj10) with an uncharacteristic raise this guy has just said to the table "I have aces, please outdraw me"

And you know what?

I did... small pair and slightly connected single suited hand, the kind of easy fold in PLO, hits enough of the flop to continue and ends up taking villans entire stack... standard against anyone willing to both define their hand too early and stack off with an overpair only in PLO games.

Well, fine - this is not actually the point of the post. That more of a question...

If you were sure your opponent had A-A-x-x pre-flop in PLO what percentage of your stack could you call off and still have a positive expectation in the hand??

Yeah, I know - it depends.

Let us keep it simple then, we are closing the betting, and have position on our single opponent (that would make it blind vs blind... ah well, just a hypothetical excercise for now!). Expecting your opponent to fire at least one pot sized bet on the flop...

Any thoughts as to how much you could call? 1/8th of your stack, 1/4th? How does your hand strength affect this (of course it does, but to what extent)? How about the tendencies of your oppoent and your opponent's image of you?? This is not quite as simple as it seems...

Going to wait to see what others thoughts are.... will do another PLO post later in the week to highlight some of the important factors which go into the decision making for me!

In the meantime GL at those tables, Mark

PS: Don't forget the 'try out Omaha' tournament this coming Sunday at Full Tilt, it has $50 of my own hard-won cash as a 'pot sweetener' details over at Omaha Poker Planet

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Uk Poker Player said...

Good job with the PLO play. I personally always find it difficult to deal with the psych factors of the game. With the swings being bigger due to closer hand values, it can throw me off. Thanks for writing!