Sunday, April 20, 2008

Enjoy Playing Poker?

Every now and again and article appears out there on the interweb which really hits the spot, the link below is to an article by 'Seal' at P5's... my view is that this is the best thing produced by that site in a loooong time (will open in a new window)

Seal Article on P5s

Actually ties into several subjects covered here at Plan3t Gong over the months. The key factor being the 'why do you play?' question.

Today I want to turn this question around... into several other mini-questions

When you first played poker on the internet did you feel a little disapointed if your cash game rate dropped below 5 PTBB's / 100 at the level you were bankrolled for??

When you first played poker were you content with your 12% ROI multi-tabling the $16 Turbo SNGs? and also happy multi-table these even though your ROI was slightly higher in the non-turbo games... since your hourly rate was better?

When you first played poker were you painfully aware that the guy who just called you with a non-nut flush draw and 1 overcard after the turn getting 1.5 to 1 on an all-in call made a giant mistake? Did it make you mad when he hit? Did that affect your whole day / evening - making you grouchy with friends / loved ones / family???

Ok - I don't need to know your answers... that is not the point of my post. My point is to get readers thinking about why they started playing the beautiful game... what was important at that point in each readers life.

You did not know about all the details... the potential profits... strategy tips... good / bad play... bankroll management... etc etc at that point right?

Back then you played for pleasure, it was fun.

Then, slowly but surely your primary motive changed from fun to money... let me guess, you won a tourney or two... ground some big profits at the cash tables, had the satisfaction of cashing out some nice sums.

Bang. Its gone... the reason you play changed to money, the game went from a pleasure to an obsession with winning cash. The beauty faded and all that was left was the anger, the frustration at almost reaching that final table... of losing that huge pot that was 80% favourite to be yours...

An exaggeration maybe - but does this ring true for you?

Read Seals article, he speaks a lot of sense... time to reflect on your motives and start to enjoy the game for the right reasons... before the beauty of the game starts to fade for you too.

GL at the tables, Mark

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Great post, Mark, and so true. I know I have gone through this. I used to have a passion for the game. I loved playing, enjoyed every opportunity to sit at the table. But as I learned more about the game, you are exactly correct that the focus shifted from pure enjoyment to making money. It became a grind--in essence a part time job. I can remember the shift from "The kids are in bed so I get to play some poker now" to "I really don't feel like playing tonight." Although I am profitable when I play, I have also lost the passion. I stopped playing regularly about 2 months ago. I can say that the break has done well for me. We held a home game last weekend with some friends from the neighborhood, not for money, but just for fun, and I had a riot (I also won most of the chips by the end of the night). But it wasn't about the chips, it was just about having fun, and fun it was. Thanks for sharing this post and for opening my eyes!