Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carbon Poker Bounty SNGs - Turning ICM Upside-Down

Carbon Poker have come up with the latest idea in the ever-evolving world of SNGs... while the concept of bounty SNGs is not new - the amount of 'bounty' compared to 'prize' is 50/50.

This makes a huge difference to your strategy (not to mention the calibre of players these games attract leading to still other adjustments).

The one 1 tried was a $10+$1 with $5 bounties and $5 towards the prize pool (so a 25/15/10 payout). With any-ace being a good reason to push all-in with 25 big blinds (!) it was a little on the crazy side. What I wanted to mention was how your bubble play might be adjusted:

- The $5 might make it seem like you can make a 5% mistake (in an ICM sense) and still break-even on a call... I disagree. The real prize pool you are fighting for includes the remaining bounties of the players in addition to the fixed prizes... by busting you forgo the opportunity to win any more bounties.

- Bounties are significant here, knocking out the small stacks is often worth the risk in chips (think 'block theory' those extra chips above a certain might not have extra utility on their own - since you are still close enough to the remaining players to be crippled in a confrontation - but the chance of taking $5 for knocking out a shorty +++ gaining a significant chip count that does threaten your opponents are together worth a small minus ev risk!).

Oh well, a couple of things to think about... we have more details on Carbon Poker over at SNG Planet (banner top right of this blog!), they have bounty MTTs too with equally large bounties (in proportion to the buy-ins).

GL at the tables, Mark

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