Thursday, April 24, 2008

Business and Life and Life and Business and Poker

Life must be a breeze for some people right?

Throw a couple of tournament / SNG poker strategy articles together and stick them on a website, repeat for Omaha and then in Hungarian, throw a little rakeback into the mix and boom - a business is born!

Well, if only things were as simple as that.

March and April 2008 have seen my poker affiliate business interests reach an inflection point in more ways than one. Very happy to report that earnings are growing quickly - no complaints there.

The main issue is of separating life and business from business and life, let me explain...

Planet Corporation is basically me on the content / ideas and business planning and Erika on the web design side + SEO. We live together, work together and plan to get married in the not too distant future... we also work at home, with separate studies cleverly created within a small flat (we are about 50 meters from the river Danube!).

Business and life end up getting intermingled - time that could be spent either productively moving the affiliate business forward or for liesure ends up being half and half and actually fulfills neither goal... frustration starts to creep in because time is not spent usefully, yet that time was not spent on the separate (yet vitally important) goal of enjoying ones time here on Earth.

So, it was time for a decision... and after some discussions and deliberation a solution has been found. We are going to move the business out of home and into an office.

There are a couple of possibilites looming including sub-letting (sharing) and renting a room of our own. It will cost money, but I just know that this investment will be more than worth it for two reasons; To increase the productivity of the time spent on business activity, and to better separate life and business. Things are moving now and by the end of next month we should be in an office and reaching a level of productivity well worth the investment in rental fees!

Separately the big projects for this month are both going slower than hoped.

The translation project is now starting to get on track after a translator going AWOL, the next one having terrible spelling problems and a German translator who did not pass the test of a native speaker.... turns out we can get Hungarian translated into Russian + German much cheaper than we can get the English translated into these languages - so the current goal is to get SNG Planet in Hungarian first... going to be slower than I'd hoped but I still feel that this is the way forward for the business and will be pushing to get many languages including Central / Eastern European tounges completed by the end of the year.

2nd Major project was a strategy site with a new 'angle' this is still in the very early stages and unlikely to be completed this month. Shame really - but hopefully worth the wait (for beginners to the game at least!).

A new idea has also come along this month - this is a 'quick' one and should be up by the end of the month... will do my usual business update in the first few days of next month and should be able to fill you all in on the details then.

GL at those tables, Mark

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