Saturday, March 01, 2008

Traffic Growth At Poker Sites - Comparison Table

Comparison of poker site traffic stats - click to enlarge

Some interesting numbers today concerning the growth (and otherwise!) of online poker sites - particularly in comparison to each other...

Firstly I would like to credit the source of these numbers. They came from the small poker community at via a thoughtful and experienced poster by the moniker 'wadofella'... in turn the numbers were picked up from pokersitescout over the 14 month period.

Right, thats out the way - what have we got and why is it interesting???

We have 2 'snapshots' of ring game (cash game) traffic at the leading poker sites taken approximately 14 months apart. These show the comparitive growth of the different poker rooms during this period... I've thrown together a quick exel spreadsheet which shows this change as a percentage and also shows the overall numbers.

The good news is this - over the last 14 months there has been a 55.77% increase in the amount of traffic seen at online poker sites! Actual average went from 30k to 47k... remember this is just the cash game traffic (usually more tournament traffic by a factor of 3 to 7 depending on the individual room).

Other notable snippets:

- Poker Stars is a long way ahead of its nearest rivals (tilt / party) and continues to grow strongly... even with Tilt growing somewhat faster the smaller base would mean it would take many years for Tilt to catch up (may work it out another day... could be interesting!).

- iPoker, that is Titan / CD Poker etc... significant growth for this network, sure they took some sites by taking over some smaller networks - but hey, massive growth for a non-US friendly site, currently doing battle with Party Poker for 3rd and would not suprise me to see these guys challenge Full Tilt as the global market continues to expand.

- UB Shrinking a little (again!)... what is it with this site... one of the originals, great software and fishy opposition - yet unable to win better market share. Well they have brought in Hellmuth and Annie Duke and upped the stakes a little with bonuses and loyalty schemens recently - we will see whether that makes a difference!

Oh well, enough of my observations - after all the numbers (albeit only a snapshot) pretty much speak for themselves.

GL at those tables, Mark

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Game101 said...

hey Mark, interesting post as always. I've played on UB and the software is fast and clean, but theres just something that i don't like about it.
Can't really pin it down, but i think its kinda 'alien' when compared to the other sites. The lobby, and the way the registration for tournaments take place,the way info is given on a current table, the alternate lists thing.etc. etc.. all other sites are pretty easy to navigate and are very straight forward.

i'm guessing these issues may have something to do with their problems.