Thursday, March 27, 2008

SNG Wiz To Collect Data On Push / Fold Ranges

An interesting announcement by the SNG Wiz team and an interesting discussion ensuing at 2+2 on the subject (both links at the bottom of the article).

For those not aware of the SNG Wiz tool the idea started with the infamous Sit N Go Power Tools and made an excellent package including charts, simulations and a user-friendly ICM calculator... basically made the best SNG tool available for going through your SNG Hand Histories and improving both your understanding of the game and your profits....

Now, one common 'niggle' people had with this tool was the default calling ranges in SNG Bubbles being, well... wrong! This is easy to overcome... just read some strategy articles over at SNG Planet and adjust them yourself!

Anyway, the latest upgrade of the tool has an option to send your data (and that of your opponents) to the web-server to help make a better model of pre-flop betting and push-fold ranges at the various levels... this is an optional addition (requires that you opt-in). Apparently no names are used, simply the betting amounts and the cards shown down.

The debate on 2+2 centers around whether this is useful.

After all, it is the distribution of the pushing / calling ranges which is the critical component. The question being asked (correctly IMHO) is whether the 'distributed average' would be any more useful than the 'mean average'.

My thought is that any skew from the distributed average would tend to be to a wider calling range... there are several reasons for this view, including my personal observation that loose callers are far more common at the bubble than overly tight ones (at least in the lower to mid-limits) and the fact that a loose pusher is more likely to be called... for example if an extra-tight player pushes then opponents are more likely to fold, meaning that pair of kings does not show up in the data.

Anyway and interesting concept and much respect to the SNG Wiz team for looking to make their already excellent SNG tool even better... after all, the data can not harm the accuracy of the predictive results.

It costs $99 and really will pay for itself within a week for most SNG players... in fact my personal opinion is that if you are spending more than $100 a week on Sit N Goes then not investing in this tool is costing you hard currency from next week onwards(if you follow the logic!!) Oh and there is a free 30 day trial too - grab your copy today at:


And this is the debate at 2+2 on the potential use of the data.... 2+2 Link

GL at those tables, Mark

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