Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SNG Planet / PokerStrategyForums Private Tournament Announced!

I mentioned a new partnership for SNG Planet was in the pipeline in a post at the start of the month. Time now for both an announcement and an invitation to Plan3t Gong readers to join our first forum private tournament this coming Saturday - we have added $250 from our own pockets to make sure this kick-off tournament is a success!

First a couple of words about the new partnership.

The site is a forum called the Poker Strategy Forums and has a fantastic look and feel, it also has the benefit of several Las Vegas pro's in the team who will be helping out with strategy questions. Oh and of course, the extra added benefit of Mark from Plan3t Gong / SNG Planet / Omaha Planet as the man behind the brand new SNGs board and the soon to be started MTTs board!!

It would be great to see some readers of Plan3t Gong / SNG Planet signing up - the plan is that we will provide an environment where strategy, sites and profitable play can be discussed without any of the negative sniping / trolling and back-biting you see on some of the larger established forums these days (I will personally make sure of this on the SNG and MTT boards).

So, to kick things off we are having a private tournament - with $250 added and only a $5 entry fee this should be a profitable as well as fun way to celebrate the start of our new community.

The tournament will take place at Full Tilt Poker this coming Saturday the 15th of March at 1PM EST... the tournament details are below:

Tournament Number: 42659112
Tournament Name: PokerStrategyForums
Time And Date: 1pm EST 15th March 2008
Game Type: No-Limit Holdem
Buy In: $5+50c (with $250 Added!!!)
Password: Available via PM on the morning of the 15th to all active forum members (your hosts will be around in case of any issues registering!)

If you do not yet have an account at Full Tilt Poker , remember to use bonus / referral code SNGPLANET will get you the maximum available 100% to $600 bonus.

Would be great to see some of the regular readers of both Planet Gong and SNG Planet in the tournament - look forward to debating the latest SNG News and issues with you all at the Poker Strategy Forums soon!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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