Saturday, March 15, 2008

PSF Private Tournament Review + An MTT Win

Early days at the Poker Strategy Forums and only 14 made it to our first private tournament... with $250 added to the prize pool this meant a healthy $17.85c overlay for each player for the $5+50c entry fee... would not want any Plan3t Gong readers to say I do not look after them (! see invitation below from earlier in the week).

We did attract some 'overlay wh*res', players who like free money and signed up just to get it... thats ok - we wanted to kick the forum off with a bang and a few active new members will more than compensate over time.

I busted in 8th shoving my A6 from the button with around 10bbs left - SB had aces and even the 6 on the flop did not magically turn into 2 pair for the 5% suckout!!

On the bright side I won a 6-max $10 MTT on Tilt last night... only a smally with 164 entrants but been a while since I took one down and felt my plays were solid and well thought through right until the last.

Anyway, anyone wanting to be involved in the PSF community tournaments get yourself signed up and involved now - while we can not promise this big an overlay every time - we will look to make it worth everyones while!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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JD Schellnutt said...

Thanks for hosting the tourney. Enjoy your blog and appreciate your strategy posts. Good luck on the tables.